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Perseverance sees Jezero Crater rim in 360° Mars panorama

Started by Art, February 25, 2021, 14:57:10 PM

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Some really nice panoramic views of Perseverance in the Jezero Crater.

To me, it's still amazing technology that we could launch, navigate for seven months through space, and finally land the craft in one piece.

Remote commands would not work because there's about a 12-minute delay for signals to travel the distance from Earth. It's quite an achievement of technology.

One day very soon, people will presumably be making the same journey as they set out to establish a base on Mars in an effort to begin colonization. What a journey!


I've been waiting for some more views of the Martian surface, good stuff  :thumbsup:

Simply amazing what thay have achieved.

Thanks Art  :)


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Sort of in line with Snowy's posted video of the 3D printed houses, such a scenario was proposed for use on Mars to construct the various buildings for labs, work areas, play, and housing. 3D printing of architectural structures has just begun!


It's fascinating to see what it looks like on Mars.

There's an interactive 360 photo here that my sister found:


That was very cool indeed! A big thanks to her. Nice find!