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Solar Eclipse May 20

Started by Duskrider, May 17, 2012, 15:54:25 PM

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I might be going to that one in 2437, but I think it will clash with something else.


See your point Dave, if I'm still alive by then I might be a little grumpy.  :LOL:
It WILL be fine !...


Great video Dave, Sorry it took so many times to get it done.  in the end though the video results came out great thanks for sharing.  it looks like you had a really great experience, an awesome time, and most important fun with family and friends :)


I appreciate how much time and effort it takes to do this sort of thing. I have many hours with good intentions that have come to naught or poor fuzzy blobs.

Good effort and you caught all of the eclipse.

I did go to Cornwall to see a full eclipse in 1999. It was cloudy and rained as it went into totality. The main noticable events were the birds going quiet (quite eerie) and the temp dropping. I would love to see one with a clear sky.

Thanks for sharing.
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