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Sudbury Space Society - to the edge of space.

Started by Freddy, September 29, 2011, 19:35:50 PM

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To send monitoring and video equipment to the edge of space, collect and stream back data and images of the UK, Northern Europe, the atmosphere and space itself – for about the cost of a good pair of binoculars! (About £600).

Mission objective – to attain a height of around 80,000' (25km), though it is hoped that 125,000' (38km) will be reached.

Also a news story from Anglia TV :

I think someone somewhere did something similar recently didn't they ?  I forget, but it looks fun and you can monitor it on their website when it's launched.


I'm torn between thinking that this is a great demonstration of human ingenuity, and thinking that these folks are completely off their collective nuts. :P

Of course, I haven't much to go on, here. The video for the news report is "UK Only", and both the news report and the website lack much in the way of any real details.

I wish them all great success, though.

(Maybe clicking a link or two would net some more info, I think)
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Kinda nuts but that's the way you need to be I think.  ;D

I found the news report for you on Youtube and also another 'building of' video...


An exciting adventure, looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Good luck to the Sudbury Space Society from us lot here @ Datahopa.


Good luck to them. I like the DIY approach to space pics.

But there's no rocket! A balloon, Pah!

I want a rocket  :very-angry:
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Well folks, things seem to have ground to a halt on this.  No launch on the eighth as they would have ended up in the channel.  There's been no news on Facebook but I posted a question on their wall so if I hear anything I will let you know.


That's a shame. I've got high hopes for their success, so hopefully, the weather will come around to cooperating.
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