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This Is the Largest Map of Our Universe Ever Created

Started by Art, March 14, 2021, 13:56:40 PM

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While I found this very interesting, and the overall point might serve no real utility value, it was quite an awe-inspiring task.
It's kind of like taking a photo of a forest that fills the screen but we are still unable to see what lies beyond that which we're allowed to view. Hmm...mysteries of all kinds...


Hmm, that might be blocked in the UK - I am just getting all black and no hint of a video.


It might be. I clicked the link and there is a few seconds of black then stars begin appearing in increasing numbers.
I can't understand why something so commonplace as a starfield would be banned.


It's working fine for me in the UK and in Edge browser, might have just been a slow video server or some other glitch.