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A new all-electric aircraft with a range up to 600 miles unveiled at Paris

Started by Freddy, June 21, 2017, 20:10:57 PM

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QuoteAt the 52nd International Paris Air Show, Eviation Aircraft, a member of NASA's on-demand mobility program, unveiled the first prototype of a new all-electric aircraft concept with a range of up to 600 miles (965 km).

While it was the prototype's debut this week, Eviation says that they are already flying proof of concept missions, and they plan to move into certification and commercialization as soon as next year.


That's a sweet looking aircraft, and the hype sounds great, but I have more than a few concerns regarding safety and viability. A large part of me is screaming "SCAM!", truth be told.
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It's "theoretically" possible but it's going to come down to "battery energy density" it seems they need to reach 400 Wh per kg, and right now the technology isn't there.

A good goal to aim for and probably they will get there at some point but...


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