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proposed aircraft

Started by sybershot, April 10, 2012, 19:23:35 PM

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Do not know if these are actually proposed aircraft, I did not do a fact check, but I'll take one of the Special-Ops Infiltrator oh wait I'll also take the Recon Platform to host a bit torrent server  :P


The recon platfomr and the unmanned combat vehicle are the mostt likely to be developed soon to be honest, the technology is already there.

As for Aurora, well that one will run and run  :D
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that would be sweet to see DD1975
I would really love to see any one of them at a airshow  :D
exp. the Aurora


It's been way too long since I was last at an airshow  :(
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Not sure if this should go in here but it will do for now.

I read into this a bit today, brilliant concept. I tend to agree, this engine would require some pretty serious redundant systems to prevent it turning itself into a vastly expensive firework.
It WILL be fine !...


I think there was a thread on this in the technolgy section from a while back posted by snowy I seem to remember.......

Nice to see the team at REL are still making good progress, this is a great opportunity for the British Aerospace industry to take a lead in the devolopment of the next big step in aviation, hopefully it won't be squandered this time!!!

Good find diesel, hopefully we see a good result come out of the upcoming tests  8)
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