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Retired warbirds

Started by DD1975, August 07, 2012, 22:19:42 PM

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I saw 1 balloon race, Sadly no pictures though. Really nice pictures Dave, thanks for sharing them.


Thanks, Freddy. I've got dozens of images of the Balloon Races, spanning a number of years. Perhaps, someday soon, I'll gather the best of them together and make an "interactive collage", and then put that up for sharing. :)
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Found this in a news feed today.

I recall watching this Bomber this summer as it was part of the RAFA show at Shoreham UK. Quite a sight and WHAT a noise.
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Boy, someone in the web department there certainly dropped the ball! Nice title div on that page!
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My dad was a radar technician on Canberra bombers when he did his national service in the 1950's, the Vulcan was however his utter favorite aircraft and it was his love of aircraft that started me off  :D

Will be a shame to see the Vulcan grounded, she is such a beautiful aircraft and just oozes the impression of effortless power.

Everyone should take the opportunity to read the book Vulcan 607 about the firt of the Black Buck raids during the Falklands war of 1982, a compelling read.
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Nice idea.  I saw that last flying Vulcan at the Lowestoft air show a couple of years back.  Here she is.


What was so good about both the Vulcan and the Victor bombers were that they were extremely manouverable, on a par with fighters of the era which for their size was remarkable.

On it first public showing at the Farnborough airshow in the 50's the Vulacn performed a series of low level high speed tight turns followed by a full loop........try that in a B-52!!!!
Smoke me a Kipper I'll be back for breakfast - Ace Rimmer