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Vulcan XH558

Started by DD1975, January 18, 2017, 20:17:28 PM

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Due to, frankly, some monumentally poor decision making less than a year from retiring from the airshow circuit Vulcan XH558 is now being put into storage at its current home of Doncaster/Sheffield Airport.

The wrong final home appears to have been chosen for this British icon, hopefully she will survive this and remain on display but it wouldn't be the first time a Vulcan has ended up on the scrapheap in this manner.  :thumbsdown:

This also affects the recordbreaking Canberra purchased by the trust just last year and intended to be returned to flight by 2018.

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Those are some fascinating aircraft, DD. Thanks for sharing. :)
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They are Dave, my dad worked on Canberra's in the 50's and NASA still operate 3 of them!!! :o

I'm truly hoping that the Vulcan to the Sky Trust work this out as they seem to have made a right cock up in their succession planning, the Vulcan was supposed to be making regular ground runs after her flying days ended and this hasn't really happened, and for her to be off public display less than a year after last flying is simply a disaster.

She should never have been based at a working and expanding airport like Robin Hood.
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The whole thing sounds a bit sad doesn't it  :(

These older aircraft are part of our history and should be loved, cared for and put on public display. I totally agree with you DD. Sounds like someone has made a bad decision on this. 


Our tiny little airport here (a single runway, and only just large enough to support the use of our Governor's official jet) has roughly a dozen or so vintage/historic aircraft that are put on public display from time to time. I'm certain that another one or two would be most welcome. :) Perhaps someone should pass that info along? :P
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Were the Vulcan an American aircraft she would likely still be flying Dave  :(
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