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Over 11,000 free eBooks at BookDepository

Started by Freddy, October 23, 2012, 20:58:18 PM

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I was looking at this alternative (I have bought from them before) to Amazon who seem to be capable of competing well with Amazon's prices.  They have free worldwide delivery and for some things I have my eye on they beat Amazon.  Anyway, before I drone on, here's another nice bonus, lots of free eBooks.

I searched for Lovecraft and got a couple of pages of books, all ready for me when I hit the hospital.  They come in PDF format and the version of Kindle on my phone will open them and I can read quite comfortably - in fact the text is around the size of printed books anyway.

You might find it a bit easier to locate them by renaming the files, as so far they seem to be a random file name.  Other than that you are good to go.

I'm sure you may find something of interest, so take a gander :


Hi Freddy, believe it or not, the only non-free eBook I ever bought for my netbook is... "The Making of Second Life" by Wagner James Au (I don't remember where). :D

Thanks for the link. Very interesting.



Thanks for finding and sharing it! Lots of nice book selections and FREE is such a tempting price!!! ;)