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9 All-New Electric Motorcycles Making the Headlines Today (Latest News Digest)

Started by Art, August 01, 2020, 21:39:16 PM

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If elecgtric cars isn't your cup of tea, perhaps a nice motorcycle might be...


Electric bikes are nice and quiet, the noise from ICE motorcycles can seriously damage our hearing, sometimes I have to stick my fingers in my ears when an ICE bike goes past, really  :no-no:

They also tend to smell pretty bad too  :(


Odd but I didn't hear a single Harley Davidson. I think the majority were Japanese bikes.

My friend owns a Harley and it is quite loud when he torques it out. He says that he considers that loud racous noise to be a "safety" feature as it helps to alert other motorists that there is a bike nearby and to watch out for it.

WHAT DID YOU SAY? I can't hear you! WHAT?


First I'll say the loud noise doesn't bother me since it allows you to know a bike is around.  Ill start by saying my younger brother worked at a motor cycle shop ang got a motor cycle, I used to drive it around the yard but he would take it on the road.  I think you have more protection in a car and wouldn't want to drive one in the city.   I also came across a person that really lost his face while driving a motor cycle.
Carl 2


Quote from: Carl2 on August 02, 2020, 12:23:27 PM
First I'll say the loud noise doesn't bother me since it allows you to know a bike is around. 

Oh! you know they are around alright, you can hear them coming from a mile away  :-\