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Electric Cars

[ New petrol and diesel car ban starts ]

[ New hybrid car ban starts ]

Electric Cars

Started by Data, April 07, 2016, 00:01:37 AM

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Quote from: DaveMorton on March 30, 2017, 23:44:50 PM
Two things, Data:

Quote from: Data on March 30, 2017, 13:44:21 PMSure it's going to take some government investment but that's a small price to pay, well I think it is.

That would be all well and good if our government knew how to spend money without overspending it. :P

Quote from: Data on March 30, 2017, 13:44:21 PMIt would be nice if more politicians would start to embrace new green technologies and actually believe in them, give them a chance.

I'm sure that what most politicians are worried about is that by investing in these green technologies, our dependence on fossil fuels (and the companies that provide them) will drop off (which is a GOOD thing, IMHO), causing big oil to lose profits, which means fewer lobbying dollars, which means less money for the politicians. Everyone in Washington has their heads up someone's arse, and that's NOT a good thing!

I hear you Dave and thanks for the reply.

There isn't much to say to that really, the whole system is messed up, at least that's how it appears.

Oh ! wouldn't it be nice to live in a perfect world.


These days, I think that the US government poses more of a threat to our public safety than does climate change, or possibly even terrorism. This is because our policies have over the years lead to increases in both, and the politicians are too greedy and power hungry to want to change, and the people who put them in office are too stupid to see that these politicians are a huge part of the problem. I still have hope that our choice for a non-politician in Trump will affect some real, positive change, but that hope is slowly fading as more and more stupidity (from both sides) creeps into the equation.

But this is supposed to be about electric vehicles, not politics, so in an effort to bring the discussion back on topic:
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  One of the things I like about the English government is I feel the Queen probably has more of a connection with the English people than the American officials do with the American people. That many people loosing that many jobs In a particular area shouldn't happen, I guess no one thinks they have done a lot to clean up the emissions of cars what can they do with burning coal, of course people buying cars pay for the research and parts needed with cars.  I don't think people burning coal in a factory will pay for these expenses.
  Just talk, we are just people doing the best we can


You could be right Carl, the Queen might have more of a connection with the people then other countries heads of state. I should point out that she isn't part of the government and remains neutral in politics, she has the power to allow a government to form after a general election and to dissolve the government when needed but she has no official say on government policy.

Talking about the Queen - among the list of vehicles she owns is a customised Hybrid Range Rover, not full-on electric just yet.

Hybrid Range Rover


  Well that sounds like a low stress job.  Over here we have Trump finding that he can't do this and that and no one likes him


Ok, I tried to bring the discussion back on topic. :sign-sad: If I had the time to do so, I'd replace Freddy's baby polar bear with a Nissan Leaf, but I don't. Who wouldn't want to see someone tickling an EV? :P
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Dave I hear you but isn't how the electricity is generated for the electric cars also part of the topic ?

What I mean is it's our leaders that make the big important decisions that effect us all.

Anyway, moving on, I think the USA and UK are both doing their bits, we do still burn coal here in the UK but it's reducing at quite a good rate now, lets hope we can keep it that way.

Going to post this vid, it has some good news in there regarding the future of our energy needs and how we are doing now.   


He's a good speaker but covered to many things for me, it did make me think of my cousin that put in a coal burning stove in his basement to help heat the house, he just ended up removing it after quite a few years.  Seems pretty old fashion but there were the days of burning wood in a fireplace to heat a house and for cooking.  They still sell wood pellets for home heating now a days.


@Data: Just a bit of tongue in cheek, no worries. :)

@Carl: When I was a child we lived in a house that was heated exclusively by a wood burning stove. In fact, when we first moved into the place there was also a wood burning stove for cooking that we used for a couple of years until Dad wired in an electric range. I always loved the smell of the wood stove, but hated chopping all the wood. We would consume about a cord of wood (a stack of wood 4 feet tall, 4 foot deep and 8 foot long) per winter just for heating, and being the oldest lad in the house, the majority of the task of chopping the wood fell to me. The work DID get a bit easier when my Dad finally picked up a wood splitter, which made the task a LOT easier. :)
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This is promising, Tesla delivered more than 25,000 cars in the first quarter of this year.

Tesla's market value overtakes Ford


  I found a website that carries the Tesla, about 30 miles from where I live,  Prices I noticed were 69,000 and 49,000 and the lower one was a used car a few years old.  Well  a real good snow blower costs what we used to pay for a good used car.
  I have to admit though that the car I now have is easily the best car I've owned and required less servicing.


Yes there is no doubt that Tesla are an rich mans electric car, just goes to show how many well-off people there are around these days.

Us the peasants will need to look at other makes if we want a nice little EV.   


 I was just looking at the electric cars available, Tesla is at the higher end and there are a lot of cars that are more affordable.  There is something about the thought of plugging in a car charger to the 240 volt electric outlet that I find very  unappealing probably because I learned Electricity cost much more for heating a home than the gas for a Furnace and if everyone switches to electricity and the demand for electricity goes up the price of electricity increases. 


Carl, all the evidence that we have been viewing in this thread points to - electric cars being cheaper to run than petrol / diesel cars.

The evidence also points to renewable green electricity being cheaper to produce than the old ways of doing things. We need more wind and sola farms.

The way I see it is that people need educating about these things.

As we have pointed out before, the main disadvantage to EV's is their limited range and charging times.

If we just look at cost per mile then EV's win easily.


I think the main cost benefit is electricity carries 7% tax (possibly a bit more) and petrol/diesel is more like 80% tax.

That said, we have no control over the price and savings is savings.
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