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Green Number Plates

Started by Data, January 27, 2021, 12:15:31 PM

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Green number plates are now legal in the UK.

They can only be fitted legally to cars that have zero tailpipe emissions, so 100% fully electric cars at this point in time.

I will probably be getting some later in the year. 

This is what they look like.


Ordered my green number plates today  :D

Going to be ready in advance for when they start shutting off areas to ICE cars, it will happen. 



ULEZ is being extended to the North and South circular roads in London. Not sure exactly how it works but I expect zero emission vehicles are exempt.

We have hybrid buses in Brighton now but they don't seem that great to me. After a few seconds the diesel engine starts up. That coupled with a global pandemic and a double decker bus running with 4 people on board...
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Quote from: Freddy on February 17, 2021, 21:30:48 PM
Congratulations 8)

Thanks Freddy  :)

Snowy, I'm with you on the hybrid busses, they have electric plastered all over them but they are not electric they are diesel driven. OK probably better than pure diesel ... just.

Got my green plates delivered today and have fitted them  :D they were £22 BTW