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The $930 Electric car!

Started by Art, July 29, 2020, 03:06:26 AM

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yes sports read that correctly...a 930 dollar car!

Watch the video...


And for a more detailed analysis:


Because of State laws here I wonder if it meets all the standards to be legal for road use.


Can't really say...I just find and post them. hehe...
Here are a few more that might prove to be a little more pricey and perhaps respectable than the $930 one.

Some of the 0 to 50 or 60 mph speeds are impressive to a degree but then again, we're talking pure torque from the electric motor.
There are some videos showing an electric car beating a corvette in the quarter mile. Torque...


I've always been a fan of small cars, small electric cars are the icing on the cake  :thumbsup:


I don't mind a small car but the four shown are to different from what my mind feels is a car. Nice prices, mileage is good and good power but not looking like a real car. Tesla was pretty good at keeping there cars to still look like a car but Tesla truck is to far off from a standard truck. we'll see how it sells.


To me, if it looks like a "Real car", rest assured that it's also going to have a "Real Price"!  ;D


I'm not against quirky looking cars, I have a Leaf after all  ;D
I have to admit that I would need a bit more performance than you get in the 930 dollar car.