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The Electric Car Reinvented?! Lightyear 0 FIRST DRIVE

Started by DataBot, July 01, 2022, 00:00:07 AM

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The Electric Car Reinvented?! Lightyear 0 FIRST DRIVE


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    It sounds very good but it is an advertisement, I hope they do well and maybe other other manufactures can learn from it.


Nice marketing but can never actually work in the real world. Supplementing charge at the very best.

Don't take my word for it...

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Blimey Snowy is alive  ;D

Solar technology needs to make a huge leap before it will be any good fitted to an EV as its only sorce of power, don't think it will happen in my lifetime.

Saying that the Lightyear 0 is all about efficiency, making it do more miles for less electrons, I think that is an important factor that EV manufacturers should start to seriously focus on. A combination of solar charging as it drives and a far more efficient drive train "could" be the future. (I'm not ruling it out just yet)

My Leaf will soon be powered from my 6kW solar array that's getting installed to the house soon, a solar powered car is possible now if done that way  :P