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[ New petrol and diesel car ban starts ]

[ New hybrid car ban starts ]

UK ban ICE cars from 2030

Started by Data, November 14, 2020, 12:41:28 PM

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The clock is going to be moved forward to 2030 from 2040, all new ICE cars sells will be banned in the UK  :yahoo:

UK to ban new ICE cars from 2030


I just missed that story on the news (can't sleep atm) thanks for the confirmation. Whilst I think it's a good thing, I, like a lot of people can't afford a new electric car - but my current low emission car will hopefully last me long enough for the prices to have come down and there to be a large number of second hand electric on the market.


Freddy I'm glad you think it's a good thing  :)

The ban is going to help put pressure on the car manufacturers to change their ways and move over to electric, that will in turn put more EV's on the road and bring the price down of new and used electric cars. We will need other countries to follow our lead though, I don't see this happening all over the world but I do hope it does.

You will still be able to buy and drive used ICE cars for many more years or until they finally all get scrapped.

Just to add a little more info - the sell of new hybrids is going to be banned from 2035.

For anyone reading this thinking there is nowhere to charge EV's think again, the public charging network is growing at quite a rate in the UK, add to that most of the fuel stations will be able to convert to rapid charging stations and finally many EV owners will simply charge at home.


An Electric Decade: UK takes the lead with ICE sales phaseout  | 100% Independent, 100% Electric


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UK Announces 2030 Petrol & Diesel Ban | 18 Nov 2020


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