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VW iD 3 Review

Started by Data, February 20, 2021, 10:56:13 AM

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I'm posting this for Snowy really but it's also a fair review from a guy that has driven many electric cars for a good number of years, he knows his stuff.

The one thing that stands out to me is the cars efficiency, being kind I would have to say "could do better". Hey! VW are still quite new to the game I guess.

My Leaf is getting over 5 miles per kilowatt hour in very similar conditions  :scratch-head:
Have attached a screen shot of Thursdays driving in my Leaf, the last time I used the car.

The ID 3 is a solid car overall though.   


That's over $37,000 USD which is kind of steep for such an EV over here but prices always tend to flex their muscle when a new car first arrives, then after a short while, the price settles down. Most likely due to supply and demand constraints.

Nice video for sure!


The used market is where the smart people will be looking to buy, probably.

Will be interesting to see how this car fairs in the warmer times, as things stand after watching this video I would have to look elsewhere for something more efficient.

You wouldn't need such a large battery capacity if the car was more efficient in the first place.


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