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1994: Are YOU Ready for the INTERNET?

Started by Freddy, September 20, 2022, 23:59:31 PM

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QuoteKate Bellingham reports that an exciting new interconnected world - a world where every word ever written, every picture ever painted and ever film ever shot will be at our fingertips - is tantalisingly close. The information superhighway will be a high-capacity digital communication network, which in time could revolutionise the way we shop, socialise and work.

The groundwork for this technological behemoth is already well underway, with computers already communicating with one another to allow users to send electronic mail (President Bill Clinton is already connected) and access news, weather and even some shopping services. For the information superhighway to really take off though, it needs more capacity than the UK's ageing network of copper telephone wires can provide. Is Britain prepared to invest in the sort of high-capacity fibre-optic cable network that can make the technological utopia a reality?

Originally broadcast 29 April, 1994.


Enjoyed that  :thumbsup:

The video was made right on the cusp of it becoming a reality and she got it all just about right.

Makes you realise just how far we have come in a tiny amount of time and how lucky we are.

It's completely changed our lives and the world in what seems like "a blink of an eye".


Yes indeed. I miss that show.

None of us here would have met without there being the internet.  :hats-off:


Good one.

Yes, my wife and I have both discovered "lost" relatives via the Internet. She has a second cousin and his family in Sicily and I found second & third cousins in southern Maryland, about 100 miles from my home. They are really nice people and we have all gotten together from time to time.

Without the Internet, we would have never known or found each other!