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Anyone tried Netflix ?

Started by Freddy, October 22, 2013, 20:57:59 PM

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Quote from: Freddy on October 26, 2013, 19:59:17 PM
OK thanks Snowy  :thumbsup:

It arrived yesterday but I was tired out so didn't play with it until today.  It's really good !

There's a lot of stuff it can do, so far I got streaming from my PC to work, so pictures look great on the big screen and music plays fine after a bit of tinkering - though I need a better speaker system than the ones built into the telly.

Netflix worked really easily and I was pleasantly surprised by the choice, yes there's a lot of old series, but there's quite a lot I would like to see again (Buffy, Dr. Who) or watch the ones I missed. It's a better choice than what I had with the Sky bundle from TalkTalk.  Sky 1 & 2 just don't seem that good to me and Discovery has gone downhill....

One of the best things so far is the YouTube player.  I had a Sony DB player two or three years back and at that time it was pretty basic and fiddly. Now it's really good and easy to use, plus it plays everything in my favourites full screen and at the highest definition. Previously I believe there were some restrictions on what you could play back, but now it seems like you can watch everything you could via the PC.

There was some guy called Ronsuperjet and his videos looked great on the big screen. Not sure who that could be ;)

So yeah for what I paid it's really good value and of course it will play Bluerays and I think it upscales DVD... what a bargain ! Now I just need some new speakers  :LOL:

Sounds good :)

Not sure about that RonSuperJet blokes vids though.  ;D