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Bad personal mood

Started by GT40, October 21, 2014, 12:40:02 PM

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Everyday on my television (remember, that prehistoric medium made for prehistoric people like me), I can watch lots of people speaking about Internet.

Oops, correction, they never say "Internet" (you know, the thing looking like, but "Social Networks".

And, if I have understood correctly, everybody is there with their smartphone. I'm afraid computers recently disappeared.

And tomorrow, what's new pussy cat (you see, I'm very old)? :(


Personally I use my smartphone for social networking such as facebook, everything else I do on my desk top......although I do still like to watch TV too  :thumbsup:
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I know what you mean GT and I too watch the TV  :)

"Sheep will always flock". I believe that is a Facebook catchphrase but don't quote me.  :LOL: