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British vs American Taste

Started by Data, June 18, 2016, 17:20:43 PM

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Me and the other half have been having a right laugh watching these, it's funny how we have such different tastes to each other. 


Sweets / Candy


Just watched the American dude so far, made me laugh. I was surprised on some of them - like I thought he would go for the sherbet with all the sugar, but that didn't look quite right with it all being in one lump like that. It took me years to figure out that you are supposed to suck those, and even then it doesn't work well - -I used to use a spoon or dunk the liquorish stick.

I thought he would like Mars and all the basic chocolate like Wispa. I'm with him on the Milky Way not being great, I never liked white chocolate, so I would have given less. And biscuits well there's not too much difference there I bet.

Will watch what our guy thinks later.  :thumbsup:


That was fun. I guess there's also a pair of vids where they rate each other's offerings of "sodas" (though most of the stuff the American guy sent I wouldn't consider "soda"). Also very entertaining. :)
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Watched our guy, that was interesting seeing all the different 'candy'. I've tried some sort of peanut and chocolate combination but didn't really like it - I think it was one of those little cake ones, forget the name. I do really like peanut butter on it's own though.

I'd like to try the water melon one, love water melons.

I've also tried Hershey bars, and I felt the same way about them, it just seemed a bit alien compared to what I am used to in chocolate. The Cadbury's bars he mentions is what I am most used to, just our version of it, with our twist.


  Interesting vids but I've pretty much move away from candies, I still need ice cream in the summer and Kool Aid which is flavored sugar and water. 


I've been to the USA twice now and have tried some of the Candy, I remember eating it all, so it couldn't have been that bad. Have to agree with the British guy about the Hershey Bar though, to us Brits it is awful, how the American guy said Cadbury taste the same is so so wrong.  :no-no:

Next I wanted to post savory food but I can't find a Brit trying American savory food ... yet

However, the American trying British savory food is amusing, I wonder if he loves or hates Marmite  :LOL: