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Bye Bye Ceefax

Started by Diesel, October 23, 2012, 12:17:55 PM

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I read today that Ceefax is to stop.

I guess the Inter Web popularity has sounded the death knell for this service.

Many happy hours were spent scouring this service when I got my first Ceefax enabled TV, it was a revelation. One thing I could never understand though, no matter what page number was entered, you had just missed it and had to wait for the page count.

Happy Days.
It WILL be fine !...


Digital TV killed the Ceefax star

It could only be transmitted parallel to analog TV and now analog is nearly all gone from the UK Ceefax has gone with it.

I guess we have the red button these days, but some would say (my Dad included) the red button isn't as good as Ceefax.

They were happy days indeed.


I'm not sure if I'm sad to see it go or not.
Just waiting for page 2 to load to find out  ;D

Good riddence, I say. Analogue TV is dead. Long live digital. More channels of $&!T to sit and stare at.
Though I'd did see a paper on switching off digital TV to give the frequency band to modile devices. By the time that happens, I assume we'll be on 10G (4G, fourth generation, is on the way).
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