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Climate Change - The Facts

Started by Data, April 19, 2019, 09:05:21 AM

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I have to post this simply because I believe it to be true  :(

Climate Change - The Facts - presented by Sir David Attenborough

Watch it, if you haven't already and make up your own mind.

I decided years ago to do my bit, of course your choice is yours.


I missed this thanks  :thumbsup:

I decided a week or two back to give up meat for the sake of the climate, so far I started with beef. Since meat is not addictive as nicotine I may stand a chance ;)


Well I managed to sit through an almost hour long video on climate change and must admit I liked it.  It covered so many different things about climate change even the removal of so many trees in South America.
Staying on the tree removal, this is done for economic gain, selling the wood and replacing them with palm trees that will produce palm oil.  Who could argue with the fact that this will be good for the people living there, a job for the people living there taking care of the palm trees giving a higher standard of living.
  Since the trees input carbon dioxide and output oxygen I wonder if anyone has looked at the efficiency of different trees to make this exchange and say this is the best tree to plant. But I would like to stay with the fact that this is mostly an economic driven choice. While companies that produce gas for cars and car companies producing gas powered cars fight to keep things as they are to lengthen the time they can use methods they invested in.  I could probably go on with this but the video was long enough, nice to see the younger people getting involved with this.


Freddy, Carl thanks for taking the time to watch the video  :)

Freddy, I know you can completely give up meat, so many delicious, cheaper, alternatives now that it just makes sense to do it. Well done mate   :thumbsup:

I've already signed the petition, good idea to post it though, might get others to do the same. Gives me an idea for a new thread  :D

Carl, some interesting points, thank you for your input  :)


QuoteFreddy, I know you can completely give up meat, so many delicious, cheaper, alternatives now that it just makes sense to do it. Well done mate 

Indeed, I found the Quorn quarter pounders now taste better than the Bird's Eye ones I always liked. Less junk in to my body too hopefully.

To get that meat satisfaction I found Indian snacks good - things like vegetable samosa and pakora.

Over 100,000 signatures on that petition now as I write.  8)


I don't think I'm ready to give up eating meat, since I was a child meals consisted of meat and two vegetables and it's something I've grown used to.  Somehow over the years I've gotten the idea the protein in meat make you feel like you've eaten something and you feel full where many foods you eat make you want to eat again after a short period of time.  I also learned that sugars give you energy,  the first source of energy the body looks for when we are active is sugar, when the sugar is depleted the body uses fat but the fat is harder for the muscles to use, the muscles have to learn to get the energy from fat which takes time which is why people do their training.  Funny thing I like hamburger for a quick meal but it costs more than steak.


Carl, your choice is yours  :)

I stopped eating meat almost 30 years ago, I don't remember it being a trial or hard at all, maybe it's a UK thing but we have plenty of meat free protein foods available over here.


  Seeing a post Freddy put in on frozen hamburger while shopping I decided to buy some, none of the large name brand were offered and I bought what was available.  Got home and tried them, a little greasier than I expected but pretty good but not as good as some I made and froze in the past.  Buying 85 % beef,  cooking them a bit and then freezing them for latter use seems to me to be the best option.
Much better tasting as far as I'm concerned.


Gives me hope that the younger generation are taking Climate Change seriously. 


They seem to be. If they stay engaged then their generation may work wonders.