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Dave's Eclipse Party

Started by DaveMorton, March 13, 2012, 00:56:24 AM

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On Saturday, May 20th, 2012, there will be an annular solar eclipse, apparently the last one this century, the center of the path of totality passing over Northern Nevada, USA, starting around 4:15PM local time, and ending around 6:30PM, with the time of totality, being approximately around 5:30PM (give or take a few minutes). I've got a spot all picked out, and everyone is invited (yes, I know, I've posted all this before, months ago). Bring your cameras and eye protection, ant whatever non-alcoholic beverages and/or snacks you wish. There are more details posted on my website at
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I'll have to have Trinity remind me of this eclipse :)
I don't think I would be able to travel to your spot though, due to gas prices and time it would take to get there. I will have to find a spot on the north east coast, within the parameters of this small State.


Sadly, Syber, the eclipse will not be visible on the east coast. You'll be well past sunset and fully into night, for one thing, and too far north, as well. The path of the eclipse, as it traverses the globe, will end somewhere in New Mexico and Texas, trailing off after sunset. You can see the path of the eclipse here.
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Dough!!!  :'(
Nice page find there, I searched a lot in the past and never came across that page  :thumbsup: