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Earthquake in Winchester

Started by Data, January 27, 2015, 20:25:29 PM

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It doesn't happen here in the UK much but apparently we have had a small earthquake.

QuoteBritish Geological Survey confirms 2.9 magnitude earthquake, enough to 'shake houses', in Winchester.


I thought that but apparently it happens quite a lot, just not that high on the scale. There was one in Norfolk a few years ago. It woke me up, the house didn't seem to shake but the contents did.

My radiators were rattling a lot. My sister experienced it too and she said it was a lot worse where she was, things were falling off shelves I think she said.

Nothing like they get in other parts of the world though of course.

Now that MPs (yesterday) have voted in favour of fracking or at least looking into it we may have more earthquakes to look forward to. Lucky us hey ?


Indeed and now Winchester might be given permission to frack too.  :confused: