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Gary McKinnon Poll

Started by Data, December 08, 2010, 12:30:42 PM

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Should Britain hand over Gary to the American government?

0 (0%)
6 (85.7%)
Not Sure
1 (14.3%)

Total Members Voted: 7


America want to get their hands on Gary Mckinnon, the hacker that got into a number of U.S. military computers.

Gary faces up to 60 years imprisonment in a foreign country.

Should Britain hand over Gary to the American government?
Take part in the poll and give your opinion.

Gary's story.

McKinnon is accused of hacking into 97 United States military and NASA computers over a 13-month period between February 2001 and March 2002, using the name 'Solo'. The computer networks he is accused of hacking include networks owned by NASA, the US Army, US Navy, Department of Defense, and the US Air Force.

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I view this from a slightly different, possibly naive, angle.  If Gary hadn't have "hacked" into these systems, would the U. S.  Government been aware of thier security shortcomings ?.   >:(

Upto 60 years imprisonment for what?, being more astute at the time, I think not.
It WILL be fine !...


The MI5 must keep him for its own use.  ;D


Not sure about this really.  If an American hacked into MI5 wouldn't we be doing the same thing ?

Does it really matter where time is served anyway ?

I have to say, the guy is a bit of a numpty for hacking into that kind of place anyway.  He really should have known better.

Sixty years though seems a lot when in the UK a murderer can be out after a few years good behaviour.

I am never satisfied with the legal system.


This is a tricky one isn't it?

I agree with Diesel, Gary has only exposed their security flaws, better a Brit hacking in then someone from China for example, personally I think he did them a favour and they should pay him. 

GT, MI5 should use him I agree with that too.

Freddy you make some valid points, I bet if it was the other way round America wouldn't give us the hacker either.

I don't know about prisons in the USA but over here prisoners get TV and computers and many of the comforts of home, my gut feeling says the USA prisoners probably don't. We are very soft on them in this country. 

Gary was a bit of a numpty for doing it, but quite a clever numpty, if only he had covered his trail better he might not have been caught.

Sixty years is the maximum he could serve, I hope for Gary's sake the courts show some compassion and take into account the good thing he did in exposing the security flaws.


Bearing in mind these alledged "offences" took place nearly 10 years ago, it seems to have taken a fair while to come to light.  What, exactly, has happened since?.

I believe that hacking into a site is not an offence only acting on the information gained.  Essentially copyright.  However this could be wrong if someone could put me right.

Once again, the super power has been bitten and now they are taking thier ball home!!!.
It WILL be fine !...


This just shows the utter madness of both our legal systems.
60 years is a joke. I agree MI5 (or MI6, foreign intelligence) should employ him.

This after the Lockerbie bomber was sent home on compasionate grounds 'cos he has cancer and is now trying to sue our government. He should still be rotting in a Scottish jail.

I was still under the impression mass murder was worse than hacking, obviously wrong.
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Most American federal prisons are very nice, almost a country club.
A couple prisons are for the meanies, all they get is a little cell.
I have a feeling Gary would be considered a "meanie".
Also 60 years is a tad too much.
Maybe 1 year? 


This is an old thread but finally the UK government has made their decision.

Gary will not be given to the good old U.S of A

The correct decision I think.


I have to agree that you blokes should keep the guy, but you should also know that most likely, Gary wouldn't see more than a week of actual prison time, because either the CIA or the NSA would snap his butt out of there and put him to work ASAP. :)
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He was supposedly looking for info on UFO's (you know how the US government like to keep that stuff from prying eyes)!

The crime happened YEARS AGO!!

Yes, 60 years is ludicrous!

If anything the agencies in question should hire him to test against other exploits in their obviously weak systems!

He should set up a computer security company and team up with some other bright minds.

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Some might remember Kevin Mittnick...some not...but he was quite the early hacker of the day who used the principle of "social engineering" to weave his web. Read more about him here: