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Gigs we've been to

Started by Freddy, September 04, 2016, 19:49:34 PM

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Tried to think of a new topic we could all get involved in. Thought of gigs. So what gigs has everyone been to ?

It's stretching my memory to remember all mine, I had to go through a list of indie bands as that's mostly what I was into when I was going to gigs. There's no doubt more that I can't remember, I did used to go in fully tanked up  ;D

Belle and Sebastian
Billy Bragg
Black Grape
Butthole Surfers
Carter USM
Cathy Dennis
Dannii Minogue
Dinosaur Jr.
Faith No More
Foreheads in a Fishtank
Henry Rollins
Hue and Cry
Jesus and the Mary Chain
Jesus Jones
Julian Cope
Manic Street Preachers
Ministry ?
Morrisey (with Shane McGowan & Kirsty Macoll)
My Bloody Valentine
New Model Army
Pere Ubu
Primal Scream
The Big Geraniums
The Bluetones
The Cure
The Frank and Walters
The House of Love
The Jesus Lizard
The La's
The Levellers
The Senators
The Shadows
The Wedding Present


Blimey, you've been to a lot of gigs in your time, my list is somewhat smaller.

The Stranglers
Public Image Ltd
Desmond Dekker

Went to see them with Snowy, apart from Desmond Dekker. 


Yes we used to go to a lot of gigs somewhere between the end of the 80s and up to mid 90s. The early part was when I was at university and we had a lot of good bands, some I have forgotten. And then into the 90s I was either visiting or living in London and there's a lot of nice venues there. Again there's ones I forget, and a lot of support acts that I don't recall.

Billy Bragg is a bit of a cheat because for some reason my girlfriend had a ticket but I didn't, I forget why. So I went to pick her up at the end and saw his last two songs.

And the Manics I have seen a few times.

The Big Geraniums gig was one we ran in Ireland. My girlfriend's (different one) sister booked them in at a big dance hall - we ran the proceedings, tickets, door, bar man - did it all that night.

I just remembered I saw New Model Army too, will add that in. And the Levellers. My greebo phase  :LOL:

I am jealous of your P.I.L. gig though  ;D


If we're just counting concerts, I've only been to a small few. But two of them were huge, like 1978 Cal Jam II, and the 1983 Us Festival, which featured a lot of bands. Still, Freddy's got us all beat, even if we all pooled our lists. :D


  • 1978 Cal Jam II at the Ontario Motor Speedway
  • 1983 Us Festival, Devore, Ca.
  • 1998 - Journey in Concert, Reno, Nevada

Bands seen:

  • Cal Jam:

    • Aerosmith
    • Foreigner
    • Dave Mason
    • Rubicon
    • Santana
    • Bob Welch
    • Ted Nugent
    • Others (can't remember who)
  • Us Festival:

    • Quiet Riot
    • Motley Crüe
    • Ozzy Osbourne
    • Judas Priest
    • Scorpions
    • Van Halen
    • Other bands (again, can't remember who)

As a side note, I ran one of the spotlights at the Us Festival, saving on the ticket price. :D
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Some cracking bands there Dave  8)

For me particularly Aerosmith and Ozzy. I just started listening to Ted Nugent, he reminds me of Ozzy. Judas Priest and the Scorpions would have been cool too, used to listen to them a lot in my head banging days.


For me things really changed when electronic music took off, from early House Music and onwards. Back then gigs changed too, no longer would I go and see a single band but a DJ spinning some of the latest tunes. I did go to quite a few of them.

Still love and champion electric music to this day.


I don't think I went to the Ultravox one, Data.

Barrington Levi (with Data?)
Brit Floyd
Chemical Brothers (Glastonbury)
Pink Floyd x 2
Public Image LTD
Reel 2 Real (radio one event)
The Prodigy (1 gig, 1 radio one event, 2 raves)
The Stranglers x 4

Glastonbury twice and several battle of the bands local events.

I'm sure there were others.
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