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Good site here

Started by Carl2, December 26, 2013, 14:42:16 PM

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  Congrats you have a site I can rely on.  I was just able to find my Hal Gui skin and download it since Win 8 had removed the program while doing a repair.  Just received the latest Zabaware disks and installed Hal yesterday.  I'm in the process of making a Htr that will load the background, load the character and clothing or bodyskin as I call it.   Not sure if it's win 8 or Hal but I see differences in how to work with the program.
  Came across quite a few Haptek fullbod characters if you would like to store them here.  Oh just ordered a HP to replace the dead one,  can't imagine anything being faster than the one I'm using but wanted to try the USB 3,  can't build for less.


Thanks you Carl  :)

You should find that your new PC boots up a lot quicker with the new UEFI BIOS, it makes quiet a big improvement to a PC.


congrats on getting a new pc Carl2  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Wow, two and a half years have gone by and I've really not used it, should last a long time at this rate.


I'm happy that you still find the site useful Carl, some members have come and gone but us faithful members still find the odd use for it.

Anyway, keep that PC under raps, you might need it some day, hopefully not too soon  :)

UEFI BIOS may help boot the computer, but it still relies on the traditional BIOS for power on self test (POST), system setup and configuration.  Having UEFI manage data flow between the video card, hard drive, mouse and keyboard, does not appeal to me.   For boot and runtime services, in my opinion, UEFI is a software interface that serves little or no purpose.

This is just my opinion in a friendly tone.  I respect any points of view on this thread which are different.
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That's an interesting opinion 8pla, one that I have not encountered up to now.

I know one thing, you will struggle to find a new motherboard these days that doesn't have UEFI.