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How much is your site worth?

Started by Data, June 12, 2012, 12:11:20 PM

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This is amusing, I was checking some search engine results on Google to see how the site is performing and a site came up which supposedly shows how much your site is worth, how many links it has and daily visitors.

Apparently this site is worth $10 (less than I paid for the domain name) and has 0 visits a day (that can't be right).

So I checked a very popular website score just to make sure: and thankfully it is only worth $10 too with 0 visits a day.

Check it out:

I did a screen shot, that way I can come back here and have a good laugh every now and again.


That's just silly lol, obviously broken.  It didn't get my page rank either, which is apparently 4.

I've tried a few of these in the past, they all have widely differing values and I realised it was pretty pointless but fun.

Here's one that actually has a stab at it, but I bet your page rank is not 0 :

I have a feeling these are just random number generators  :P


lol Data I get this for results for my website using your link   :o

You don't have permission to access /search.php on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

and Freddy I get this using your link  :P

QuoteThe website you entered appears to be invalid and/or does not exist. It is possible that it does not have an IP address assigned to it yet. Please check your spelling and try again.

:scratch-head:  Guess they don't like php   ;D


Hmm that's odd as I just tried both and they work...go figure  :scratch-head:


Yes, I've never had any confidence in any of the sites that work out a websites value, as Freddy says it might as well be a random number generator.

The bit that I thought was hilarious was this:

If was to be sold it would possibly only be worth $10 USD   


Wow! That w3snoop site must be just plain broken, because it told me that every site I tried to "snoop" didn't exist, including Bing and Microsoft! :o

So I tried Geek Cave Creations on the site Freddy linked to (nice appraisal for DH, BTW), and got this:

I'm shocked and impressed! Not to mention extremely gratified. :D

I just noticed that my site is worth more than yours, Data! WOOT!  :yahoo: :banana: :hunting:

More sites for your consideration:

Where's my wallet? :P
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Quote from: DaveMorton on June 12, 2012, 13:23:28 PM
(nice appraisal for DH, BTW)

Thanks for the compliment Dave, yeah your site is better than this one I admit, but I'm getting there  :thumbsup:

So much of the information about this site is wrong. 

    Domain Age: 1 Year, 73 Days (should be 5 years 2 months old)

    Unique Monthly Visitor Estimate: 0 ? (should be at least one  :LOL:)

   Google Inlinks: 3 ? (there is at least 10)

   PageRank: 0 ? :scratch-head:


I have yet to find one of these that I would consider to be even remotely accurate in it's reported data, let alone in the "value" for a website. I reckon that mine is worth about $300USD (entirely subjective), whereas yours, given it's traffic, and the nature of the site, well over $5,000USD (again, entirely subjective). See? I'm just as good at pulling numbers out of my arse as they are! :D
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!

Snowcrash is only worth $10 as well.

Poor site traffic, yeah right.
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Quote from: DaveMorton on June 12, 2012, 14:06:53 PM
See? I'm just as good at pulling numbers out of my arse as they are! :D

Apparenty so were Facebook Dave  :D
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