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How to make a STORM GLASS to predict the weather!

Started by Freddy, August 10, 2016, 00:45:39 AM

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This is cool, and ancient, I think I will try to make one.



I'd really like to make one of these as well. If possible, I'll try to find a tall, thin graduated beaker to use, rather than a mason jar. Of course, I have LOTS of mason jars (Grandma did a lot of canning, years back), but I think a tall vessel would look far cooler. :)
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Potassium Nitrate is Salt Petre, Ammonium Chloride is used for cattle and (weirdly) fish, and found this Camphor from Amazon.

As for 50% ABV vodka...

Looks like a fun project. Please post if you do this and how easy it is to get the bits.
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I've found the Ammonium Chloride locally for around 10 quid for FAR more than I'll ever need, and the saltpeter should be obtainable at the local nursery for cheap. the vodka I can get at work, and the Camphor is available at Tractor Supply, just down the road from work. All I need now is a nice graduated flask and a stopper for it. Here's what I want to get for the flask:

The stopper should be fairly easy to get.
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  It all sounds pretty good Dave and I'd agree a flask would be nice,  I like the idea but I don't like the idea of putting a glass container outside since the air conditioner would ruin everything.  Good luck with it