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I'm not a gamer

Started by GT40, November 12, 2014, 10:13:20 AM

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I found that vid on the web by accident:

Maybe the top of the top of car games? Well well well...

... very similar to the Pole Position my vintage Atari 800XL! ;D


I couldn't put up with the black bars between the monitors, give me a 46 inch screen any day  8)

Graphics look ok not sure if they are as good as F1 2013 or 2014 but those games are dedicated F1 sims.

And the engine sound is wrong too for F1 cars.

Being a hardcore F1 gamer I spot these things.

Good find GT, especially for an ex gamer like your good self  :)


Hello Data, as always I was on Google, searching some informations about Oculus Rift when I found that video.

You know I'm a dummy about graphics, and I fear that SL will use Oculus Rift soon.

Hey where's my old dear SL? :(


I think you will be fine GT, SL will work in 2D and 3D with Oculus Rift.

It will be fine  :thumbsup:


So sad and disappointed to see that the whole SL will be destroyed by Linden Lab, before they build SL2...

And I can't imagine I'm wandering in SL with a headset on my face.

Byebye SL, thanks, that was a nice romance. :'(


I feel for you GT but to help you calm down a little remember this.

The headgear will be optional

You will be able to use SL2 with a standard screen/monitor.


Thanks Data, I appreciate. But SL is (was) an important part of my RL. All that is going to disappear.

And what about the money paid by active members (me included) for many years? Lost, ok not important, that was fun.

But lost, the paradise we have created. A future wonderful souvenir... :'(