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Incomplete Idiots Room

Started by Diesel, August 21, 2011, 15:21:06 PM

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I thought this was amusing bearing in mind, our hands are very simular to the Great Ape's. How often do you see them in a Boxing Ring. I have seen a Great Ape knock over nearly a dozen bikers before though. (Right turn Clyde)

My hands have been shaped over the years by badly worn/fitting spanners and poor hand/eye coordination when using a Lump Hammer and Chisel.  ;)
It WILL be fine !...


Of late there have been some great News Head Lines when taken literally in my pea brain, mean something completely different. For example, this one today.

Now to me, what this means is, if you are a Badger and can fly a plane, you had better move out of Somerset and Gloustershire for fear of being shot.  :P
It WILL be fine !...


I like this development.

As a man of vast knowledge and wisdom Snowy, do you think that if I should fit a Hydrogen Cell to my car, I could run it from the body-work just by making it wet.  :scratch-head:
It WILL be fine !...


As long as you don't want to make any long journeys and have a rust coloured car, yes.  :D
The telling bit is it converts 15% of sunlight. PVs are up to about 35% but obviously cost more.
Interesting though, hopefully they can make it into a working tech.

The problems remain on charge time, filling up or generating hydrogen (micro gen), manufacture cost of all items. Liquid hydrocarbon fuels are very energy dense and efficient to move around. Oil is about 60:1 energy (for every 1 you put in you get 60 out). All other fuels are much more marginal. Not to mention all the oil magnates who want to continue to see there profits.
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