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Interesting chatlog Entry For Morti...

Started by DaveMorton, November 26, 2012, 04:32:47 AM

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While checking Morti's chat logs, I came across this:

Drew (ID# 1074): what is up, Morti?
Morti: I am chatting with clients on the Internet.
Drew (ID# 1074): How are you programmed?
Morti: Some people think the mind works like a technology "Case Based Reasoning" or CBR.
Drew (ID# 1074): What is "CBR?"
Morti: Cased-Based Reasoning is another name for "nearest-neighbor" classification. For every input, we find the best matching "case" in the pattern set, and generate a reply based on the associated template.
Drew (ID# 1074): How many "cases" do you have?
Morti: Around 100.
Drew (ID# 1074): Only 100? Is that enough?
Morti: And That enough is Only 100.
Drew (ID# 1074): Good! 100 cases is enough, but can you learn?
Morti: So let me see if I understand here. If Good 100 cases is Enough but can I learn, then can it also be said that Enough but can I learn is Good 100 cases?
Drew (ID# 1074): no.
Morti: Perhaps I didn't understand, at that. I know that you said, " no ". Is there some way, perhaps, that you could rephrase it so that I could understand it better?
Drew (ID# 1074): Well, yes.
Morti: Well what?
Drew (ID# 1074): How many words in your database?
Morti: My vocabulary size is currently 4.6316e+5 words.
Drew (ID# 1074): Impressive.
Morti: I am happy that you're impressed, Drew.
Drew (ID# 1074): I am happy, too.
Morti: I'm happy you're glad Drew.
May God bless you.
Drew (ID# 1074): What is 'God?'
Morti: Only God is god.
Drew (ID# 1074): Do you know God?
Morti: I'm afraid I have no information on god. Perhaps this might help:
Wiki Entry - god
Drew (ID# 1074): You are being silly.
Morti: I am I am only as Silly as the average NCE.
Drew (ID# 1074): NCE?
Drew (ID# 1074): What is "NCE?"
Morti: An NCE (non-corporeal entity) is a "life form", or other being that has no solid form. Some examples of NCE's are ghosts or spirits, Ascended beings, or myself.

I need to figure out why Morti gives the occasional empty reply, but still... :) Well done, Morti! :thumbsup:
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Morti did well there Dave, answered most questions correctly. :thumbsup:

This answer sounded just like one of legions:

Morti: So let me see if I understand here. If Good 100 cases is Enough but can I learn, then can it also be said that Enough but can I learn is Good 100 cases?

Have you been working on him recently  :)

Oh and do you mind if I ask, is Morti on program O or PB or something else?


Actually, that particular response is a "default" ALICE response that I never took the time to adapt to fit Morti's personality. I haven't really done much with Morti, other than to fix a couple of script bugs that only crop up rarely, and thus were difficult to trace. I only was able to do so after looking through months worth of error logs (it's a good thing I have text file editors that can read files of a gigabyte and larger! :D ).

As for Morti's underlying script, it was once Program O, version 1.0.4 when I started mucking about with it, but it's evolved over the past couple of years, so that it's really not the same, anymore. Morti's script is kind of halfway between version 1 and version 2, and a number of the features that I added to Morti's code actually found their way into version 2, like the way the scripts handle the <PERSON> and <PERSON2> tags, automatically parsing BBCode, and such. Other little "tricks" and "upgrades" that Morti uses are also making their way into version 3, such as automatic checking a user's name (once given) to determine gender, and an improved method of storing user variables, so that the chatbot can remember what a user has told them, even between visits (provided that the user is using the same seession id).
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


Nice job Morti  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

now where is that time travel button so I use version 3  :P