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IPlayer over Christmas

Started by Freddy, December 27, 2010, 14:02:09 PM

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Anyone find it slow ?  I was trying to watch Dr Who last evening and it kept stopping to load.  Speed of line is not an issue, I figured half the country might be watching stuff though...

Telly has been a bot poor as usual this year in my humble opinion.


I watched the Royle family last night on the iPlayer in HD, was fine, but it was quite late and demand might have been lower.

Yeah there were a lot of repeats on I noticed, TV hasn't been that great this year, been like it ever since we had loads of channels, quantity not much quality. 

Top Gear was a highlight for me, the birth of baby Stig in Bethlehem ;D


I did us IPlayer over the festive season and experienced no problems at all. Could this be ISP?.
It WILL be fine !...


I don't think it's the ISP, I tested the speed and it was fine.  Maybe just bad luck on that, will have to try again..


I put it down to server load, there must be a limit the BBC servers can put out, at peak times it wouldn't surprise me at all if lag creeps in.


If not BBC servers then possilbly your local torrenters clogging up your exchange.

I thought TV was reasonable over the hols. Seen a few films I haven't seen before inc. incredible hulk which I didn't know existed.

I did laugh at Top Gear esp when they got searched and had a 50 cal bullet converted into a lighter.
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Here it is then, the new Stig is born.

Sorry this is the best quality I can find on YouTube...