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Life will come to a stop?

Started by Art, September 05, 2022, 14:52:46 PM

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This is a rather alarming article and if it comes true will impact many, many people. Some with solar or other alternative energy sources might fare better but this could be a scary time for everyone.

Hoping that this is just some news hype, I urge my friends to take some precautions in this regard.


Many people have seen this coming for a long time - like it or not it's the beginning of the end of fossil fuels. Yes there is going to be some pain during the switch-over and possibly governments haven't done enough in some countries.

People also have to help themselves sometimes, we cant rely on governments to get it right.

I'm just glad I run my house and car from solar  ( smug mode engaged  ;D  )


Britain usually comes to a stop at the first sign of snow.


Well well, it's spring 2023 and the predicted disaster didn't happen, no power cuts that I know of  :scratch-head:

Sky Australia is literally one of the darkest TV channels on Earth, if anyone is a basket-case it's them, not the UK. 

As you were  ;D