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Mind Map

Started by sybershot, February 10, 2012, 01:03:59 AM

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I got this Idea today after getting so frustrated with mods messing up my forum, But that's a different story.  Anyway I have this program on my laptop called Freemind it is a mind mapping program, and I thought I would be helpful to build a mind map of my site to help visualize, prioritize, and organize my site. So I downloaded and installed there latest version on my desktop. It took me about 10 minutes to create a map of my site, now I can easy add nodes or re arrange them to a better place. I can even insert text into each node to either further define the node, remind me of content I want to add in the future, or create the actual content that I will be uploading to my site. I figure it will be better to arrange things in here instead of placing content on the server only to rearrange it later.
If my home server was finished being built I would not need this. But seeing I don't have it completely built yet this seems so far to work rather well.


Sorry about the mods breaking your site Syber  :-[, I do feel partly responsible for that asking you to add mods, probably better to get the forum walking before trying to get it to run.

The mind map sounds interesting, it's a new one on me.


Don't be so hard on yourself, no worries and no harm done. + You did not put a gun to my head  :D I spent most of the day trying to get a home button added to the top menu, I have accomplished this, but there is some more coding I have to do one I find the correct area that deals with a certain tag. The tag places the correct text format and the left part of the button image on rollover. The company that made this theme really broke things up to try and discourage people that don't know what there doing to pay to use there forum to possible get help. So it may take some time to sift through all this code. I'm starting to wish I went with my own design and not a template. it is definitely taking way to long for every little change. If I was not so close to being done with this sites setup, I would kick this template and phpBB3 to the curb.

QuoteThe mind map sounds interesting, it's a new one on me.
Mind Mapping is good for a lot of things, I mainly use it for writing e-books, It is great for creating the chapters menu tree. It is also very easy to change chapters around, and place brain storming ideas, or the complete chapters text within each chapter node.