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New Chatbot competition under way.

Started by Art, October 25, 2012, 00:21:52 AM

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Thanks Data, but I'm afraid she will not get to far. atm she has been spitting out blank responses and a number of other pesky little issues. I'm working on getting he to tell me here personality traits that I set inside program-o. Some work some spit out errors and some are overwritten by the alice brain. 1step at a time :D


Things are looking good for Trinity, she has had 500 votes to win, syber you are going to walk it. :thumbsup:



500 votes  :o Holly Molly
I can't see the votes, only the list to choose, and If I try to vote again it says you already voted :(
Screen shot or it did not happen  :P
That last statement should surely get me in the sinbin  :cheers: sinbin here I come  ;D



I see some people have started commenting on the voting system and votes cast.


Thanks Freddy  :thumbsup:
wow she is up to 700  :o


Trinity is a nice bot don't get me wrong but I think  :scratch-head: someone is messing with the voting system.  

It wouldn't be too hard to hack something like that, especially for someone in the Ai community.         


Indeed, I agree 100%. No way Trinity being so new and no where near a decent chat bot just yet could she ever get that many followers. My chat log only has maybe 15 new logs for this past week. I saw your chat as well Data, A heads up: that version of program-o does not have the learning aiml uploaded only my 2 test versions has it. Also any work on Trinity is put on hold for a bit till I get my home page done.