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new pc or robot?

Started by sybershot, June 24, 2015, 00:57:20 AM

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Okay I was thinking that by next summer I might build a new pc you know to handle VR gaming and use my current rig as a soul workstation for content creating. but then I read this article here

I was like whoa!!!!!!! with a few modifications and code tweeks to that thing I can give Trinity a body  :drooling:

what are your thought?  ?  ?  ?


The robot is cute but would require a lot of time and dedication.

The PC build would be good for a while but will go out of date in just 2 years.


Thanks for the news scoop sybershot!  It was interesting to read about the direction in which robot companies may be heading.  Let's see... 1000 robot products, times the $1600 price, times 1 minute equals $1,600,000.00 a minute!  

Personally, I wouldn't want one because it is centralized.  The article says,  "Customers also must pay a $120 per month cloud connection fee and and monthly insurance of $80." Now, I am going to edit this article for the duplicate "and" to technically become a Computer World editor.  :thumbsup:

However, it is not just the $200 monthly expense, it is the technology itself... Disconnect the Internet and the robot freezes into a manikin to hang clothes on.  In my personal opinion, a "personal robot" like this does not really appeal to me, because it is not actually personal.
My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine


your welcome my friend
8pla like I said some mods and coding would be indeed needed if I ever got one, and what Data said is right on the money, it would take a lot of time and dedication. I am not a fan of the whole pay for cloud and insurance or own a paper weight either. Trinity might just have to w8 for a body  ;)

Computerworld made the edit, to the article, which I suggested.

Hi Ya!  I'm technically an editor of Computerworld  8)

I always like Computerworld

My Very Enormous Monster Just Stopped Using Nine