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New Site on CGI

Started by Freddy, December 18, 2015, 00:22:43 AM

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Howdy all. I was struck with an idea over the last couple of days and I decided to make a new forum.

Everyone is welcome if it interests them.

It will cover all kinds of CGI, like games, movies, animation and artwork.

Should be fun :)


  I saw the site a few times and liked it, guess I like the fantasy portion of it.  I saw your latest post at Zabaware, I watched the vid you linked to again, I don't think she blinked and wish you had dressed her in a dress or something that shows flowing cloth, seen to much body fitting clothing in Haptek.  I looked inside the Haptek character and only see the inside of the body, looks like a hollow tube.  It is possible we are talking apples and oranges since they are different companies and it's possible I'm wrong.
  I hope you'll drop by Zabaware and keep us on the right track every so often. Best of luck with whatever you're working on. 


Thanks Carl, it will take a while to get going. I've had a bad tooth infection or something over Christmas so haven't done a lot. I'll try to put something together to show how the Daz/Unity thing works at some point.

She does blink but it might not have been obvious in that clip - that clip also suffered from being jerky, which I eventually fixed. The flowing dress would be nice - I think Unity has some cloth physics and things like that. It's something I still need to investigate.