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OK...Where exactly do you live and does it matter?

Started by Art, July 15, 2012, 18:10:02 PM

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I've noticed that some of my friend across the big pond use different country names to describe where they're from.

Some indicate England, UK, Republic of Ireland, etc.  But isn't England part of the UK (I think) so why differentiate between them?

Perhaps this chap can better explain to us Yanks and maybe some of ye as well!


Welcome to the UK Art. Now it depends on what is going on in our little Island as to whether your British, ie all of us, or English, Irish, Welsh or Scottish.

Now that may sound confusing, that's because it is.

If a particular team or individual from anyone of the four above, win at a sports event, then they automatically become British so we can all enjoy thier achievement, if they don't, however, they remain in thier respective nationality. Simples.

I hope this has cleared up any concerns you had.  :thumbsup:
It WILL be fine !...


It's a little like yankie and confederate. Except 4 countries and alot more ingrained. Over 1000 years on monarchy blah blah. BS basically but fun. WE don't mean it xenaphobically.
The British Isles are Engalnd, Scotland, Wales. United Kingdom is + N. Ireland (the orange bit in their flag).
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Yes what they said.  :LOL:

It is true, it depends on what is at stake as to where we claim to be from a lot of the time.


Careful Art, dead link posted there, Data is gagging to throw someone in Jail.  :P
It WILL be fine !...


Sorry about that, Diesel. The link had been made from a secure (https) link and wasn't accepted here.

It did take one to the proper youtube page listings and it was the first in the list but one still had to click on it.

Hopefully, with your tip, I modified the link and can avoid getting those silver links / bracelets of my own (jail). ;)


Here ya go :

That bit about us floating ourselves across the sea was funny, we must have watched too much US telly.

We still have a few Druids knocking around too, well that's what they claim...hmm

We've had our fingers in a lot of pies haven't we.


Well, Thanks to Freddy, we have cleared up any enigmas regarding the UK. It's all quite simple and straight forward really and, clearly, the UK is the place to be, given the amount of Eastern Europeans who flock here to take advantage of our Social Network.  :very-angry: :headbang: :angry-shout:
It WILL be fine !...


Quote from: Snowcrash on July 15, 2012, 18:42:19 PM
The British Isles are Engalnd, Scotland, Wales. United Kingdom is + N. Ireland (the orange bit in their flag).

I would like to correct snowy, the British Isles are all the islands off of the mainland of Europe, including the channel islands it makes about 1000 in total.

There are two soverign nations in the British Isles, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, of course many in Ireland (both North and Republic) do not like the name British Isles because it was coined when the Republic of Ireland was part of the Untied Kingdom and hate being associated with thier former colonial masters.

You would not belive how many times I have been reminded of this being English and living in Dublin!!!!  ;D
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Thanks all! I think I've got it.

So the with Freddy posting a UK designation under his Name / Avatar I suppose I could ask him to please be more specific!? :joker:


I am in England  :D

I like to think we all get along, so I often plump for UK.  Well we live in hope.  I would more than likely call myself British rather than English, but that's just me.


Of course technically England, Wales and Scotland are not countries. due to the various acts of union they are merely regions of the country of Great Britain.....of course you try telling that to the various inhabitants of said places  :P
Smoke me a Kipper I'll be back for breakfast - Ace Rimmer


Just to round this off nicely for you Art, I found this today.

Hopefully veiwable in the States, if not, I'm sure Data will be able to source a veiwable version for you.
It WILL be fine !...



Thanks for that! A very enjoyable read with a fair bit of humor (humour) injected as well!
It was actually quite informative and should be required reading for any potential visitors!



I'm with Freddy on this.

Am English but think of myself as British, hopefully the Olympics will help us all get together as one.

The main problem we have is the Scottish whom will be holding a referendum in 2014, many of them want to break up the Union take the oil and gas and then go their own way.

It is a real shame but some Scott's truly hate the English.  Im not going to post any but on Youtube thee are plenty anti English and hateful videos made by our Scottish brothers.   :sign-sad: