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Random Music Videos

Started by Snowcrash, March 14, 2015, 20:18:35 PM

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Since we both liked that here's another one. It's not often bands can make a cover better than the originals.


Interesting covers.

This is my fav atm.

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Ralph Waldo Emerson


Liked that  :thumbsup:

He's done some good tunes over the years.


Discovered these two sisters via an Elvis program the other night. I'm in love with the blonde one, Catherine.  :breakdance:

Really liking their songs I have been hearing on YT.


Very nice, Freddy. I rather like that young lady as well. Here's another one from the girls:

One of my favorite classic rock ballads. :)
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As I was posting Dave posted, oh well I will post it anyway and spoil the fun  :LOL:

I've always preferred brunettes myself  :D  Nice tune though  :)

Been hearing this new tune by Sting on the radio, thought the Police had got back together when I first heard it, it's grown on me, a tad.


That's a nice version by the sisters Dave, thanks  8)

I'd go see them if they played over here some time.

And Data, I hear what you mean. Seems that our Sting has got his Mojo back. It's taken long enough - aside from a couple of songs post Police I have to say I usually find his stuff dreary. This sounds a lot better to my ears.



I think this is something special. Without doubt a fantastic drummer is Caroline Corr.  :worship:

I've had a drum kit and I know she must be super fit, because that would have broken my back. Easy to miss how much work a drummer puts into a group and song. I think this video shows how great she is. Best viewed full screen.


Clearly I was the only one who was impressed. Well Pogue Mahone the lot of you !

Yes that was a cleverly planned segue to this...

May everyone have a Merry Christmas  ;D

Now the weather has got cold I'm beginning to feel the Christmas spirit in me.


This one speaks to me right now.



Quote from: Freddy on February 12, 2017, 01:28:34 AM
Nice song, sad but nice :)

I couldn't have put it better myself Freddy  :)

I've been through the vids you posted above, it was nice to just watch the drummer doing their thing through the entire song and .. I agree, Caroline Corr is a fit drummer  :D



  Nice songs, nice to see they have some new music, we are getting a lot of older songs sung by new singers over here and I was thinking they are loosing their creativity.