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Started by Snowcrash, March 14, 2015, 20:18:35 PM

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I'd heard of The Wrecking Crew but did not know all the connections.  8)

I know that the Monkees were unhappy having everything done for them and learnt to play themselves.


One of my favourite U2 songs.


  I happened to hear this song in a video I watched, kind of silly but I liked it.



I first heard that song in the movie Reservoir Dogs, quite liked it too.

Something cheery in anticipation of Spring and sunnier days:


Mid week blast from the past.  8)


Some nice choices there Freddy and Carl  :thumbsup:

How about something composed by A.I

QuoteThe instrumentation was composed with artificial intelligence, lyrics and vocal melodies written by by Taryn.


I actually did enjoy that AI-based song!

That could either say something dreadful about my taste in music or encouraging for the AI's abilities.

There is always the remote chance that both of us could have a positive outcome!  ;)


Yes, good song. I liked that they put some AI imagery in the video too.

I still think I would prefer to learn the guitar though, one day, one day  ;D


You absolutely should!!

Buy a good but inexpensive guitar, perhaps one at second-hand store, thrift store or yard sale for cheap.
Then go online and search for guitar chords.

Learn the fingering for few chords or so, like A-minor, C, D, D-minor,  G, E, A, F.

I guarantee if you just learn C, D & G  you can play LOTS of songs as many songs are only based on a three-chord progression and that's it!

It's far easier than it sounds but like anything worth learning, it does take some practice.

Once you learn, it's yours forever to play, create and enjoy!


Oh it's not that I haven't started. I've had an electric guitar and a couple of acoustic - I still have an acoustic sitting in a box here.

I could do basic tunes, but it's been a while now and I would need to start all over again. I guess it's more about fitting it in timewise and being in the mood.


Found this Prodigy tribute. Made me smile...

"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


That was great, made me smile too  8) :thumbsup:


What classical instruments where made for although they didn't know it at the time  ;D


Now That was Fun!! Great find Snowy! :thumbsup:


Remember this Data, Snowy?

For Art and Carl, this is a band called The Wonder Stuff joining up with Vic Reeves a British comedian who does a few good tunes too. This would fill the dancefloor.