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Started by Snowcrash, March 14, 2015, 20:18:35 PM

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Just a personal observation but I detected a definite Beatles influence in that song which I suppose, was a bit of flattery and something that seemed to be in vogue at the time.

Nice happy song nonetheless.


Yes I know what you mean, I remember thinking that when I first heard it years back.

Someone said that ELO were (are) the band that the Beatles would become, I'm not sure who said that.

Jeff Lynne did end up working with George Harrison in the Travelling Wilburys of course.



Love a bit of 007

Blow your socks off with this one  ;D



Eurovision this coming weekend, I think the UK's entry is pretty good this year; you never know we might get a point or two  ;D

Ukraine is tipped to do very well, maybe for political reasons.

I will be watching it, to be fair there are some serious song writers and musicians in it these days and the transparent political voting is always worth a laugh.

Ukraine entry

UK entry


Kalush did nothing for me because I do not care for that kind

Space Man was nicely done!

An interesting dichotomy between these two styles of music.


    A very different type of music but I really liked it.


I think that's the best song we have had in years and Ukraine's was good too, it could be a grower, whatever, I wish them well :)


Didn't they do well, Ukraine 1st, UK 2nd  :) :)



Hard not to like this, also hard to believe Liam is nearly 50.


I picked this one due to the decent audio quality over the one I found with a video. It's also longer.

I remember sitting in a bar in Sorrento in Italy, and this coming on the video jukebox. It was about 1987. Sorrento has a lot of English-themed pubs, called things like Rover's Return and so on. Best pizza in the world too.