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Ruffing it

Started by sybershot, July 06, 2013, 19:16:32 PM

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gonna ruff it in the wilderness for seven days and nights, I'll be leaving the seventh. triple 7  :scratch-head: hope that's still considered lucky  :P
planning on having lots of family fun while camping, O' yea! you behave yourselves while I'm away now ya hear  :good-bad:   


Sounds like fun Syber, will try to keep out of trouble and will definitely keep your seat warm for ya.  :thumbsup: ;D


Sounds great, been years since I last went camping.  I hope you all have a great time out there  ;D


Have a good trip and be CAREFUL with the sharp implements such as axes we've had way too many issues with the members this last year!!!
Smoke me a Kipper I'll be back for breakfast - Ace Rimmer


Thanks all  :D, and I promise to careful out there  ;)
going to cookout now and then packing things up so this will last transmission till I get back, Sybershot signing off  :P


Back from camping, Family and I had lots of fun even though it was a very rainy week. Sure I get back and the sun finally comes out, giving us a 95deg day...go figure just my luck lol :D


Haha, that's camping for ya  ;D  Glad you had a good time though, that went quick.  It's been hot in the UK this weekend for a change, although not hot in Dave's reckoning ;)

Welcome back :)


Thanks Freddy, yea time did go by fairly quick :( Glad to hear you had some good weather over there  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Welcome back Syber, kept your seat warm for ya :)


Thanks a million Data, greatly appreciated  :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Good to be back, I missed you all and of-course even missed Trinity :D