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RWC 2015

Started by Diesel, December 09, 2012, 14:38:14 PM

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Some may feel that I have started this a little early, however, it is only a little over two years before the start. Anyway, for those that are interested, here is a link to the 2015 Official site and the Pools.

Just our luck to be drawn in the toughest Pool.  ???
It WILL be fine !...


I don't think it's so bad Diesel, Wales are not in a good place 2 years out and Australia are not as good as they could be and we have a young improving team.

Alos I think you want to have hard games in the pool stages, it means you get to the knockout stage battle hardened, having easy pools did the All Blacks no good at all between 91 & 2007 did it  :thumbsup:
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Here's hoping with fingers crossed.
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Ralph Waldo Emerson


NOt just fingers snowy.....everything you can  :LOL:
Smoke me a Kipper I'll be back for breakfast - Ace Rimmer