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Started by Diesel, June 19, 2011, 01:13:31 AM

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Which Northern Hemisphere team deserves to be in the RWC final

2 (33.3%)
3 (50%)
0 (0%)
1 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 6


Congratulations to France  :)

I didn't see the game but going by the score it must have been a close match.


Like wise, I didn't see the game either. Congrats to France, GUTTED for Wales. :sign-sad: Such a shame that neither of the two teams that have worked so hard won't be in the final, Wales/Ireland, but that's the RWC for you.
It WILL be fine !...


So I take it we're down to France VS The Aussies? Tough call as to who I should root for. Especially since the only criteria I can use to decide is how many friends I have in each country. If I used that, though, I have far more friends in Australia than I do in France (sorry, GT), but perhaps I'll be perverse, and cheer France on. :P I'll let you know how I decide after the match. :D
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Finally, it wasn't a good idea to win the previous match...  ;D


I really should learn to look at the news before posting nonsense, and making an arse of myself. :)
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What a Dilemma Dave, do you know any one in New Zealand ?. :sign-lol:
It WILL be fine !...


As a matter of fact, I do. :) From back in my old FFXI days. We used to belong to the same linkshell group, and went on many, many amazing adventures together. Fond memories, those.
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Whilst you were out there Dave in FF World, you didn't happen to stumble upon the result for the final did you ?, only I'd love to shove a knicker on the winner. ;)
It WILL be fine !...


Well, there we have it, all over for another four years.

I got to say, as an avid Rugby Fan, there wasn't a right lot that really light my fire, other than Wales and Ireland. I thought they played some inspirational rugby and both earned the right to be in the final, if only the draw had been different ?.

Well played to France, after an indifferent showing in the six nations to become the Second best team in the world, in the same year, quite an achievement.  ;D

Congratulations to the Kiwi's, after a 24 year drought they finally made it. I actually had tipped them to win in '03 and '07, got it right this time though.

England now though, need to sort a few things out. We need to stick with Martin Johnson, allow him to stamp his authority on the team, ditch some of our older players we use as a crutch and allow the younger, up and coming rugby stars, to make their mark, thus building a strong team ready for 2015.  :thumbsup:

Right, that's it then, all done and dusted, but, just before this thread is filed away in Datahpa's memory to gather dust and cobwebs for the next four years, here's a little something for you. From 2003, UB40 singing Swing Low Sweet Chariot with Video footage of that great year.

It WILL be fine !...