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Social Networking in the UK

Started by Diesel, July 16, 2012, 18:56:49 PM

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I posted recently in Art's welcome thingy about Eastern Europeans coming to this country and taking advantage of our Social Security, well I looked into this.


I had no idea what was going on with this situation. Eastern Europeans have the cheek to arrive in our Country, claim they have nothing, so how did you get here ?, and have the RIGHT, yes the Right, to claim Social Benefits to the tune of 40 grand a year, tax free, to line their own pockets.

Not only that, most of them then go home and transfer the money from their British bank accounts to their own in what ever Country they live in.

We are paying for this out of our HARD EARNT money in the form of Taxes to our own Government. Now, I don't mind paying these Taxes if it will benefit our own, but I'm damned if I'm will support someone who isn't contributing to our Country in any way.

This is wrong, really WRONG and it needs to be stopped.

What would happen if I was to go to their Country and claim I was broke, what would they say. Can you imagine.

Right Cameron, sort this out NOW, no wonder this Country is nearly Bankrupt, don't make me come up there and give you a Slap.

Makes my Blood Boil.

Rant Over.
It WILL be fine !...


Seems like you  guys have the same issue over there as we have here in the states, Makes my blood boil as well.


I recently saw a web  posting on Youtube that said London was going to soon change it's name to Londonistan.

Hope THAT doesn't happen soon as I have ancestors buried near London!! Soon they'll be turning in their graves!