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Springtime in Nevada

Started by DaveMorton, May 25, 2012, 23:14:30 PM

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One of the things I like about living in Nevada is that the weather is never wholly predictable. From time to time, we get the oddest weather here. I've seen Februaries with temperatures in the upper 80's (low 30's Celsius), and I've seen it snow so hard on the 4th of July that we've had to cancel our Independence Day celebration at the local park, and even saw snow plows roaming the streets on the same day. On the 23rd of this month (2 days ago) the weather was sunny, and the temp was 86 degrees (30C). Today? It's currently 34 degrees (1 degree C), and it's been snowing a bit. See what I mean? :o
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Wll in Dublin we usually get lots of rain, unusually it's been very  nice the last few days.

The problem with this is the brain tells you "it's can't last, the rain will be back any minute"

Never mind will just have to make the most of the lovely 20c weather (yes that's warm in dublin!!!)
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Who was it that said " Ireland is a beautiful place, it just needs a Lid" ?.
It WILL be fine !...


And all this time I thought only New England part of the States got fudged up weather  :Head-Slap:


Warm and sunny here today after weeks of rain.  8)


There is certainly some messed up weather these days, something has changed on our great planet, but is it something to do with man or just the planets fazes, think the jury is still out on that one  :scratch-head:.   


Data, my thoughts on that are this:

1.) We've been directly observing and recording the weather for what? a couple of thousand years? How long has the Earth been around?

2.) We have also found that the Earth has had far stranger weather, way before recorded history (ice ages, and such) that were far worse than what we're going through now. Were we responsible then? No.

3.) At any given time, there are upwards of several HUNDRED active volcanoes (depending on who you talk to), spewing literally tonnes of toxic "greenhouse gasses" into the atmosphere on a daily basis. Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines, put out more sulphur dioxide per day during it's eruption in the 1980's than the city of Los Angeles (and all of it's cars and factories) did in a year at that time. One study I read in the 90's suggested that Mount St. Helens unleashed more carbon dioxide with it's explosive eruption in 1980 than the all of the vehicles contained in the states of Washington and Oregon combined... For a WEEK. And the Mt. St. Helens eruption lasted mere seconds?

4.) Scientists believe that the Earth's magnetic field "flips" from time to time, on a cycle that spans many thousands of years, and they can point to certain fossil records that indicate that not only is this phenomenon overdue, but that during previous times when the poles supposedly reversed, the weather was also far worse than now. I don't know if this is what's happening now; nobody does, in fact. But it's entirely possible.

Do we humans damage our beloved home with pollutants? Yes. Do we also deface the land gratuitously? Again, yes. Are responsible for the changes to our global climate, shrinking ice caps, and the "hole" in the ozone layer? Probably so, to an infinitely tiny degree, but in my opinion, not nearly as much as some say.
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here is a great video about research being done on pole shift, It is long but has really great info.

Also if you watch this video one can see what I believe are some signs of pole shift/flip taking place. Though the mass black bird deaths, I don't believe are related. But one may never know.


QuoteThough the mass black bird deaths, I don't believe are related. But one may never know.

Not sure, but don't birds use Earth's magnetic fields to navigate ?


I'm not sure Freddy, I did not think so (hence my comment). I could be thinking incorrectly though :scratch-head:
Does anyone know??


Well, there's this, among others, so yes, I think they do.

As to whether a disruption in the Earth's magnetic field could be the cause of the mass die-off, I've no clue. Maybe they got confused, then scared, then had mass heart attacks?
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I think birds are pretty susceptible to heart attacks.  And there is also the exhaustion angle if they just fly around getting confused.


Thanks Dave for the knowledgeable link  :thumbsup:


No problem, Syber.

I didn't mention it when it occurred, but the cottonwoods started seeding here, and when they do, the seeds are wrapped in bits of wispy white fluff, which lets the tiny seeds float on the breeze, sending them literally miles away. When this happens, it looks like so much snow, bobbing and weaving on the breeze in vast quantities. Within less than a week, we went from REAL snow to cottonwood snow. Oh, and it's back in the 80's again (High 20's-low 30's Celsius).
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been having a few good days weather wise over here as well, a lot of flowers blooming  ;D