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Squirrel Trying To Hide Nut In Dog

Started by Data, November 28, 2015, 16:03:33 PM

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Was sent this the other day, thought it was amusing  ;D

Originally found here:


That is amusing - I love the way he was pushing all the hair together.

When I was a kid, a dog of mine, which liked to hunt, caught a squirrel like that.  It wasn't pretty.

Nowadays, I help the squirrels which live in a big tree on my property, through the winter months.

Not too much though, just when there is a heavy snowstorm, and they can't find food on their own.
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We get squirrels in these parts too. At Mum & Dad's they raid the bird food feeders. They are fascinating animals.

Some people consider the Grey Squirrels here as vermin, but I like them. Sadly though these Greys which are not native are pushing out our native Red Squirrels as they compete over territory. There's only a few pockets of Reds left which tends to make people dislike the Greys.

There is a saying for New York City subway rats, "You feed them, you breed them."

Meaning subway riders shouldn't throw food scraps on the train tracks to feed the rats which have learned to beg for food.  Basically, when the rats see subway riders, they scurry over and stare up from the tracks, hoping for a meal.  It is a bit scary, with their black little beady eyes.  But luckily the rats haven't learned to hop six feet up onto the platform where the people are waiting for the subway.

So, applying this advice for NYC rats (which certainly are vermin) to the Grey squirrels.... By devising a selective feeding method, such as a feeding device with a trap door of some sort.  This will give the native Red Squirrels the advantage.   From there, a freezing cold winter will do the rest.

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I didn't expect this topic to start a discussion on Squirrels, not that I'm complaining or anything.

I think in the UK most of the reds have moved far away up north to Scotland, I don't see them in the wild any more but I used to as a kid. 

Apparently the greys are very tasty to eat  :o  On TV a while ago I was watching a chap skin, gut and cook one, to me it was so sad but to be fair it was road kill and the poor Squirrel had been killed by a car anyway.

They are cute animals and move so quick too.