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Stink Bug

Started by Art, March 13, 2021, 03:20:32 AM

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Noticing the Science & Environment article about the UK getting ready to receive this brown stink bug, I think with a slight shudder at how obnoxious those tiny pests are and have been to many of us living in the USA.

Their stink is absolutely disgusting and can make the smell of rotten eggs seem bearable.

While we were not able to find any preventative to keep them at bay, we did find an easy way of sending them to meet their maker.

A small disposable cup about half full of water and a couple of nice squirts of dishwashing liquid. My wife liked to use Dawn although I'm sure any brand of liquid soap will suffice. Catch them, drop them into the liquid and if desired, watch them do the backstroke for a while. The next morning, just toss them out into the yard area, garbage, or back alley.

Do not think that just because one that you might find outside (or inside) lying on its back is dead. Oh no...they are clever at playing possum. Toss it into the cup of liquid and watch its legs suddenly start coming to life.

They are a horrendous pest and most birds won't touch them!

Here, this year near me, it's time once again for those 17 years cicadas to crawl out of the Earth and begin their thunderous noise so loud that most people are rendered unable to converse outside! Fortunately, their activity only lasts for about 2 months, then after laying their eggs they die off and some go back into the Earth for another 13 or 17 years. (there are two varieties).

It's always something messing with us!


I've never heard of them or seen them around where I live, however now that I know about them I will keep an eye open  :thumbsup:


I had a vague idea of the stink bugs - they sound unpleasant!

I also remember the cicadas from when I was young, probably from a David Attenborough program. I remember they would hibernate for years. I wonder what the evolutionary cause for that is.



Hah! If you think Stink bugs SOUND unpleasant, wait till you get a good whiff of how badly they smell!!!

The ones that SOUND unpleasant are the Cicadas!! The high-pitched wavering noise from thousands upon thousands of them from not only my yard but the surrounding yards and properties make it basically unable for anyone to venture outside to sit quietly on the deck or patio to enjoy a beverage, talk, or listen to music. It's actually nerve-wracking.

If possible, I'd like to make a short recording and post it here. I'll let you know when the time they begin to emerge from the ground happens.