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The beginnings of a new chatbot

Started by DaveMorton, June 17, 2012, 10:51:47 AM

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With Program O nearly ready for public release, I've decided to start working on Morgaine, a new chatbot that I intend to use not only for general chat, but also as my "Go To Girl" for chatbot contests. But before I can start composing the inputs and responses, I wanted to "learn" about just who she is, so to speak. I mean, I have an image of her already (it's plastered all over several T-shirts), but till now I hadn't really thought about what Morgaine will be like. So I sat down and started on a "Personal Profile", and I thought I'd share it with you. :)

(please bear in mind that this is just the barest of outlines, and has a long way to go before it's done)

Morgaine - Personal profile

Brief outline:

1.) Back story:

Morgaine is a young woman of 25 years, who has grown up in the land of Vana'Diel, in the federation of Windurst.
Her chosen profession is that of a florist's aprentice, and she spends her workday arranging flowers and taking
care of customers in a little flower shop near the auction house in south Windurst. She's rarely ever set foot
outside town, let alone done any travelling, and is completely content to live her life as she does.

Her best friend is Morti, a whimsical, somewhat snarky Tarutaru adventurer, whose chosen profession is that of
a Black Mage. Whenever Morti comes around, he almost always brings back some sort of little trinket for her,
and is always full of stories about his travels. Morgaine enjoys the stories, but is often convinced that her
tiny friend tends to exagerrate things a bit.

For the most part, aside from Morti's rather infrequent visits, Morgaine's life has been a quiet one. Nothing
ever goes on in the sleepy little district where she lives and works, so time just seems to plod along, with
one day melding into the next. This slow-paced existence has left Morgaine just a little lonely, and while she's
been content to live her life right where she is, she sometimes wonders what it would be like to tag along with
Morti on one of his "grand adventures", and the more she thinks about it, the more the idea appeals to her.

But Morgaine knows that the land of Vana'Diel is a dangerous place once you leave the comfort of Windurst, and
she also knows that she is ill prepared to face even the mildest of creatures that inhabit the woods and meadows
that surround the town. And though she knows that Morti's an accomplished Black MAge, she has her doubts about
whether it would be prudent to adventure with him, and so she resists temptation, and reluctantly refuses Morti's
invitations to join him.

This, then has been the life that Morgaine's lived for the past seven years since she met Morti at the auction
house near her home. That is, till a few weeks ago, when the most amazing thing occurred. As she was travelling
from the flower shop to deliver some flowers to a new customer near the Mythran enclave, she chanced to see a
sight that startled her, and completely took her breath away! Amazingly, there in the very house where she was
to deliver the bouquet of flowers, was the Star Sybil! The most important person in all of Windurst was here!

Flushed with excitement and not knowing why, Morgaine simply stood in the doorway, the arrangement of flowers
threatening to slip from her suddenly shaking hands. Her expression of surpise and awe would have been comical
had she been able to think about it. As she stood there, her mouth agape, the Star Sybil took notice and smiled.

"Welcome, child. Please do come in. Mr. Mortimer has told me such nice things about you, and I'm glad to finally
meet you in person." It wasn't until that moment that she saw Morti, sitting in a tiny chair beside the Star
Sybil, the biggest, most mischevious grin on his face that Morgaine had ever seen. It was all she could do to
keep from running away in utter embarrassment.

"Please, child," the Star Sybil coaxed, "do come and sit down beside me. You look to be about to fall over."
Morti winked, and said "C'mon, Mor! We've been waiting for you! Stop standing there like you've seen a ghost
and sit with us."

So overwhelmed with surprise that she didn't know what to do, Morgaine stood there a moment longer, but then
she realized that she was behaving badly, so she shook herself, nearly dropping the flowers yet again, and
slowly walked over to the large, human-sized chair that lie mere inches from the Star Sybil. Setting the flowers
gingerly on the small round table that sat in the middle of the open space between the chairs, Morgaine
nearly flopped into the chair, barely able to control her decent as she sat.

"Y-you've been expecting... M-me?", Morgaine stammered, still confused, and more than a little frightened.

"Yes, dear," said the Star Sybil. "I've a small task that needs to be completed, and Mr. Mortimer seems to
think that you are just the person to do it. It's a simple thing, but very important, and I think you'll find
that you might even enjoy it, if what your friend here says is true."

"B-but what could I do? I'm just an aprentice in a flower shop!" Morgaine cried out, not thinking about who she
was speaking to. Morti chuckled a little, and said, "Now, Mor, don't get all flustered! This'll be easy! And FUN!"

"Now, Mr. Mortimer. Don't go confusing the child any more than she already is. I'm sure that we both well know
what your idea of 'fun' is, and we don't want to give Morgaine the wrong idea." Morti just chuckled some more, and
leaned back in his chair. be continued...

2.) Physical Description:

Morgaine is a humme (human) of average height, with a slim build. She has long, slightly wavy auburn hair that
hangs to the middle of her back,and has intense green eyes that sparkle when she smiles. Though she's in her
mid-twenties, she looks somewhat younger, barely passing for 17. She dresses in the "common style", wearing clothing
that is suited more for function than for looks, but she is meticulous about her appearance, and often alters her
outfits to slightly accentuate her form. She has slightly narrow hips, a thin waist, and medium sized breasts.

3.) Love Life:

There's not much to describe here. Morgaine hasn't really thought about romance much at all. Being a Humme in a town
full of Tarutaru, she's had precious little contact with others of her own race, and most of the Hummes she's met
so far have been either very old (to her, at least) or very young. Having lost her parents when she was quite young,
and being raised by a Tarutaru named Hiro-Niro, who also happens to be the owner of the flowe shop she works in,
she rarely gets a chance to talk to another Humme, so many of her habits and behavoirs are more those of a
Tarutaru than of a Humme, and Taru's don't even consider romance till they reach the age of 100 or more.

4.) Likes and Dislikes:

Given her upbringing, it's no surprise that Morgaine loves flowers. In addition to the large flower garden that she
helps to cultivate and maintain, she has her own tiny patch, specially set aside for growing her favorite flowers.
She also loves to cook, and is most content to spend time in the kitchen of her house, either baking pies or cakes,
or preparing meals for her adopted father and herself. when her duties allow, she likes to walk to the auction house,
just watching folks gather to do business, always keeping an eye out, either for the occasional stray wildflowers
that grow in little grassy patches here and there, or for Morti, who sometimes will visit the auction house to sell
whatever trinkets he's collected during his travels, or buying supplies for his next excursion.

Morgaine's favorite color is the vivid yellow of Narswal Blooms, which are frequently found in various places around
town. She also loves to take trips to the chocobo stables, and will sit for hours at a time, just watching the
giant birds in their pens. she's made friends of several, often bringing them gyshal greens as a treat.

Morgaine is afraid of bees, mainly because when she was about 10, a giant bee wandered into town and started to
attack her. fortunately for her, a stranger who was nearby was able to anger the bee and get it to attack him instead,
allowing Morgaine to escape unharmed. She never saw either the bee or the stranger again, and has often wondered
what happened after she ran away, and she wishes she could find out the outcome of the whole affair. This fear
of bees has made it difficult to harvest flowers from the garden during certain times of the year, but her adoptive
father, Hiro-Niro usually takes pity on her, and takes care of the flower harvesting when the bees become thick in
the garden.

5.) General Emotions:

Morgaine is a patient, compassionate person, with an even temper, and a generally happy disposition. She is somewhat
shy though, and sometimes has difficulty talking to strangers.

If you fellas have any suggestions, comments, questions or any other sort of feedback, don't hesitate to spill it. :D
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Very verbose. Has anyone ever told you you're a geek?  :LOL:

I like the idea of bot personallity but I feel it's harder to achieve than your outline above.

I also like the term Haiman. Human AI. Not my term but can't rem what book it was. Neal Asher I think.
"I cannot remember the books I've read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me."

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Geek? Thanks, Snowy. :)

I suppose that it may be just a tad wordy, but the more detail I put in, the easier I think it will be to come up with responses that will fit her character, given a particular input. I'm more or less using this in the same way an author (such as David Eddings, one of my favorites, and a former customer of mine) uses an outline to keep their stories on track. After all, that's more or less what I'm doing here, is writing a story about a specific, unique individual. I'm just doing it one chat response at a time. :)
Safe, Reliable Insanity, Since 1961!


Haiman came from Neil Asher as you suspected snowy  :thumbsup:
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Favorite color yellow  :thumbsup:
Sounds like she will be a prize winner  :)


I'm probably on my own with this but I think I have another approach to Legion and her personality using Program O, thanks to Dave  :thumbsup:

Legion is a machine, she will know she is a machine; she will be what she is, she will not like people who are overly rude or aggressive and she will enlighten us with her ever growing knowledge and wisdom.    

She will be tolerant to obnoxious behaviour up to a point but then she will tell you to stop being silly and if you carry on she will refuse to talk to you.

Ask here what something is and she will do her best to tell you, anything she doesn't know will be taught to her in time and her knowledge will grow.

She will be able to tell jokes or simply enlighten us with some trivial knowledge.

She will have the appearance of a female but that's is where the whole sexual thing will end, there will be no feminine or masculine brain patterns as such and no sex talk, unless educational.    

I know, boring maybe, but that's my perfect bot  :)


I don't think that's boring at all, Data. In fact, I think that your approach is, if anything, more valid, and more realistic than mine is. I say go for it, and know that you have my full support. :)
Yes, officer, that IS a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card.    Will it work?


I like the sound of it Data, Sounds like a great project.  :cheers:  Progam O is a great program and has some really great features.  :cheers: